Image of bearded man performing in drag

It’s just that easy was presented as part of Proof 21, Gallery 44’s annual exhibition of photo-based work by Canadian artists.

Exerpt by Noa Bronstein and Caoimhe Morgan-Feir

Turning to the Internet, Lindsay Fisher explores on-line video blogging sites and how-to videos that codify particular notions of beauty and normalcy. It’s just that easy mimics scripts of tips for applying make-up or grooming through which Fisher confronts illusions of the idyllic. The aping, however, does not serve to perpetuate standards but rather to disrupt these specific procedures of primping. Ultimately the instruction becomes the wireframe. The performance then is the metadata, committing to collective muscle memory an allowance for failure and imperfection. In her accompanying video project Suspended girl and My selfie Fisher constructs animated portraits that parody the animated gif. The satirization of excessive online representation attempts to negotiate the institutional parameters of the right kind of body and identity.

Link to Kapsula exhibition catalogue:

Image of video portraits being projected on gallery wall

Installation shot of “It’s just that easy”

Image of video portraits being projected gallery wall.

Installation shot of “It’s just that easy”

Film still of the artist fixing her hair in front of a web cam.

Film still of “My Selfie”.

Image of three monitors displaying "Suspended girl" artwork

Installation shot of “Suspended girl”

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