A Consensus of Self is a series of video works I produced that explore the reproductive and reflective patterns of digital self expression. Using the model of the all too familiar online instructional video – I wanted to re-frame it and reveal its design in the illusion of digital reflection.

The instructional videos reflect a way of being and a way of looking, in other words, they demonstrate how to be normal. In the mimicking of stage, background, clothing and script, the individual reflects the other and reveals the fragility of maintaining a social guise and the imperfections that ultimately lie underneath. Sometimes there are moments of joining and echoing and then disorder and delay – deviating at times and then synchronizing at other times. The mirror translates an expression of identity as part of a design process – a collective weave of consciousness. The Self is a mode of communication used to produce and reproduce society as we understand it. In a culture of digital visual media and webcam technology, the individual today presents an act of exchange, of production, and a consensus of Self.

You can see video work of this project here.





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