This is an illustration I did for a featured article written by Kelly Fritsch for Briarpatch magazine.

The article was titled, “Beyond the wheelchair, rethinking the politics of disability and accessibility”.


“A few years ago, I tried to take a bus to a small town outside of Toronto. I checked to confirm that the bus I wanted offered accessible service, and when I arrived at the station I was relieved to see a bus with the International Symbol of Access (ISA) pull up in front of me. But when I asked the driver to let me use the lift to get on, he looked at me incredulously and said I couldn’t use the lift unless I was seated and secured in a wheelchair. Although I couldn’t climb the steep bus steps, I wasn’t a wheelchair user. In that moment, as I stared at the ISA sign, I realized that I was both disabled and not disabled enough – or not disabled in the right way to access this accessible bus.”  To read more, click here.