I was excited to be invited by Abilities Arts Festival to help create a logo and look for their new name and visual identity. A team of graphic designers, Rob McNeil and Jack Ngan and I worked together to produce a logo that would represent an organization that aims to change ways of thinking about disability through it’s programming and to acknowledge disability and disability arts as a provocative topic. The result was a simple and elegant tangle graphic contrasted beside all upper case and bold lettering that showcased loudly and shamelessly the organization’s new title.

When I went into designing the season brochure, I knew that for such an exciting time as this – where the organization was taking such a large step in recreating their identity – I knew that what the organization would need is attention and excitement. With that in mind, I chose the colours of bright yellow and hot pink to evoke extreme contrast and dynamism. I used a 12 point sans serif font throughout the brochure for easy legibility and accessibility.

Working with Abilities Arts – now named Tangled Art and Disability – has been a wonderful journey of creative risks and challenges. I am happy to have been involved as a designer during such an exciting phase.