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Group selfie of participants at the Art Mechanics Lab

I just trilled to be invited by Tangled Art + Disability to present as part of their Art Mechanics Lab workshop series. AML is split up into 8 professional development workshops catered to disability identified artists, who are interested in better navigating their place in the arts sector. My presentation involved opening up a conversation […]


I’m excited to be showing some new work as part of the emerging artists group show Proof 21 at Gallery 44 starting June 20 and running until July 26th. This work will present a series of video portraits that parodies a culture of repetitive self-representation within online media using bodies of difference and queer bodies […]


I’ve begun sketching and brainstorming for a t-shirt series that aims to celebrate and support the history of crip identity and activism. I am seeing more and more around me, the resonation of crip culture as a social movement mobilizing in ways that are changing the way we think about difference and disability. Artists, community […]


Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council Artists in the workplace/Community Arts Program, Project Creative Users has been approved for funding to launch a research and development phase! Creative Users is a community arts project that will combine the work and ideas of artists, disability activists, and community members to critically examine cultural understandings of accessibility […]