What can disability aesthetics do?

Detail of work by artist, Sage Willow

I’m excited to be invited by Tangled Art + Disability to host a round table discussion at their upcoming symposium Cripping the Arts, April 28-30th. I’m humbled to be part of this 3 day event which includes an amazing and powerful group of disability artists and disability arts leaders in the community to discuss various approaches to changing the way art can and “should” be experienced. I will be hosting a group conversation responding to the question: “What can disability aesthetics can do?”.

For more information about the symposium, visit: http://tangledarts.org/cripping-the-arts-symposium-2016/

Tangled Art Mechanics Lab

Group selfie of participants at the Art Mechanics Lab

I just trilled to be invited by Tangled Art + Disability to present as part of their Art Mechanics Lab workshop series. AML is split up into 8 professional development workshops catered to disability identified artists, who are interested in better navigating their place in the arts sector. My presentation involved opening up a conversation about what it means to create a presence as an artist or designer in today’s art landscape.

Project Creative Users

People painting large wooden boxes

Project Creative Users, an exciting and creative side arts project I manage, just recently underwent a two day intensive Think Tank with the support of the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts. The Think Tank was organized for the purpose of gathering artists with disabilities in the city of Toronto to talk about ways that Project Creative Users can participate in making art development and art engagement more accessible. Our goal for the weekend was to start to put together a 3 to 5 year strategic plan that will help steer Project Creative Users in the right direction towards successfully meeting the needs of people with disabilities.

We also launched the second ambitious group arts installation, Crip Interiors, October 3rd, 2015 as part of Nuit Blanche Toronto. For more information about Project Creative Users and to see images of the show, visit: creativeusers.net

Flesh of the World

Close up of a person's eye

It felt like a flash of light, being part of such an incredible exhibition organized by the Doris McCarthy Gallery, Justina Barnicke, and University of Toronto. Curated by Amanda Cachia, Flesh of the World ran from June 25-October 10, 2015 and was displayed across three major gallery spaces in Toronto and Scarborough. You can see the work I did and other artists work that was part of the show here.

New work at Gallery 44

I’m excited to be showing some new work as part of the emerging artists group show Proof 21 at Gallery 44 starting June 20 and running until July 26th. This work will present a series of video portraits that parodies a culture of repetitive self-representation within online media using bodies of difference and queer bodies as a way of examining the impact they have on negotiating institutional portrayals of beauty, sexuality and normalcy. For information about the artists involved in the show go to: http://www.gallery44.org/proof21