New work at Gallery 44

I’m excited to be showing some new work as part of the emerging artists group show Proof 21 at Gallery 44 starting June 20 and running until July 26th. This work will present a series of video portraits that parodies a culture of repetitive self-representation within online media using bodies of difference and queer bodies as a way of examining the impact they have on negotiating institutional portrayals of beauty, sexuality and normalcy. For information about the artists involved in the show go to:

Crip t-shirt series

I’ve begun sketching and brainstorming for a t-shirt series that aims to celebrate and support the history of crip identity and activism. I am seeing more and more around me, the resonation of crip culture as a social movement mobilizing in ways that are changing the way we think about difference and disability. Artists, community activists and writers with disabilities and non-disabilities are more publicly engaged than ever with the desire to reject ableist thinking and to represent difference in positive and empowering ways. My intention with this project is to produce a series of t-shirts that represent present and past figures that inspire this movement. The above graphic is an illustration of artist Alison Lapper who challenged the world with her provocative self-portraiture as well as with her contribution as a subject to the famous nude sculpture created by Marc Quinn that stood in Trafalgar Square from 2005-2007.