Project Creative Users

Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council Artists in the workplace/Community Arts Program, Project Creative Users has been approved for funding to launch a research and development phase! Creative Users is a community arts project that will combine the work and ideas of artists, disability activists, and community members to critically examine cultural understandings of accessibility through an exploration of what it means to be a “user” in the environments we inhabit. We play with the word “user”, a term used in inclusive design practices wherein disabled people are commonly referred to as “extreme users”. This project will see disabled and non-disabled people come together to think about how we currently use social space and how we can use creativity to change both the built environment and the way we think about space towards the ends of creating more accessible communities. In this way, we use the arts to open up a creative conversation about accessibility, a topic so often talked about in strictly bureaucratic terms.

The video below titled “How to paint your nails perfectly”, is a collaborated effort between project coordinators Eliza Chandler and myself. It offers a beginning to this exciting project and leaves a question to consider. We look forward to keeping you posted on upcoming developments!